All equipment is produced and supplied by Ubiquiti, USA.
Opennet Wifi is the wifi system for enterprises with all premium features:

  • – Optimizing Business network performance.
  • – System scalability is unlimited.
  • – Centralized management controller.
  • – Time & Cost saving.

Opennet wifi system consists of 2 main components:

  • – Wifi Access Point (AP)
  • – Wifi transmitter equipment which dedicated to indoor and outdoor area.
  • – Wifi Controller – Management software for AP(s).


  • – Manage the system via Wifi controller management software which is free of charge.
  • – Easy to install, configure and manage all Aps
  • – The system scalability is unlimited and able to control up to thousands of Aps
  • – In combination with Wifi Cloud technology, Wifi Controller can be accessed from anywhere as long as we do have internet connection.
  • – Able to monitor and manage all users access
  • – Support Web login interface/ Wifi Hotspot
  • – Support to limit the access time & speed of access, Data limitation, integrated billing & authentication.
  • – Zero-Handoff Roaming feature – Users can move around without disconnecting from one AP to another and the connection is stable on their device.
  • – Customize AP allocation on map or Google maps.
  • – Statistics, reporting:
    • Live Statistic update of user information.
    • Monitor network performance, Number of users, live network traffic of usage and access.
    • Manage users and troubleshooting the network by using network reports and analytics.
    • System alert, generate alert notification and notify when incident occurs.


With management cabaility and scalability is unlimited, Opennet Wifi can be deployed and very helpful to multiple business objects, For example:

  • – Wifi system for School, Hospital.
  • – Wifi system for Restaurant, Coffee shop.
  • – Wifi system for Hotel, Resort.
  • – Wifi system for Building, Office.
  • – Wifi system for public area.


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