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FTTH from $16

Fiber for SihanoukVille

FTTH technology connects modern telecommunications world with complete transmission by optical fiber from the service provider to the customer’s location. Advantages of the technology allows the implementation of a data transmission speed internet down / up (download / upload) equal to each other, and much higher speeds than ADSL many times.


Speed Local Speed Monthly Charge
BusinessSave 10 Mbps 15/15 Mbps 39$
BusinessLite 15 Mbps 20/20 Mbps 69$
BusinessBasic 20 Mbps 25/25 Mbps 99$
BusinessAdvance 25 Mbps 30/30 Mbps 149$
BusinessExpert 40 Mbps 50/50 Mbps 249$

*Mbps equals to Megabits per second (01 Megabyte app. equals to 8 Megabits – 01MBps = 08 Mbps)– Price list above is not including VAT 

fiber offitc

chuan roi 32m

Please note :

  • Deployment time: 01 business day for survey and 03 business days for cable deployment
  • Total fee will be charge when you sign up
  • Not include VAT
  • Term : 24 months
  • For earlier 24 months termination, contract penalty will be 60 USD